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2020-2-24 · Coupled with the alignment information, the additional measurements give a holistic view of the rotary kiln as a complete functioning unit. As a service provider or equipment owner, you can now make more informed decisions that are supported by real-world data.


The alignment can be completed with minimal plant assistance regardless of the speed or size of the rotary equipment. Unlike other systems, it does not require the removal of guarding or any physical contact with the kiln, eliminating safety concerns that may otherwise arise while performing the alignment.


Rotary kiln alignment is well known preventive maintenance tool. The rotary kilns are affected by mechanical and technological stresses causing components wear and as consequence misalignment. Every kiln user wish to have high run-time factor and no unexpected fails and stoppages. Therefore the managers prefer preventive routines than costly ...

Rule of thumb for adjusting rotary kiln rollers

2015-12-3 · to maintain proper rotary kiln alignment. Rotary kiln Support roller adjustments A) Bearing roller B) Kiln C) Carrying roller Index finger indicates bearing (A) and direction to move. Kiln (B) moves in direction indicated by thumb of the same hand. Alternatively stand on the up running side of the kiln. Now with palms facing up an inward ...

Rotary Kiln Shell Section Alignment Procedure

2019-6-15 · ALIGNMENT PROCEDURES ... The conventional procedure for aligning kiln shell sections prior to welding is to adjust the joints as necessary so that they are centered on the kiln rotating axis. This is accomplished by measuring and minimizing the shell radial runout at the joints, or by ... rotary kilns that makes sense.

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2021-9-12 · Rotary Kiln Services ON SITE TYRE & ROLLER MACHINING & GRINDING On site machining and grinding services for tyres, rollers and thrust rollers of rotary kilns, mills, dryers, coolers and agglomerators during operation at up to

Laser Alignment

FEECO offers a state-of-the-art laser alignment service for drum shaft alignment, as well as other alignment needs. Why Proper Shaft Alignment is Important Whether you are running a rotary dryer, cooler, agglomerator, kiln, or other rotary equipment, proper alignment is key to extending equipment life and maintaining operational efficiency.

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2016-4-16 · Kiln Shell Laser Kiln Shell Laser The Kiln Shell Laser is a measurement tool, which measures the deformations (roundness, straightness, eccentricity) in shells of rotary kiln and dryer during operation. It measures continuously the distance to the shell and records the deviations. The tool is placed in various positions along the kiln.

Rotary Kiln Alignment

2016-2-24 · kiln alignment. When facing down running side of kiln, hands out with palms down as shown in the illustration below: Index finger indicates bearing (A) and direction to move. Kiln (B) moves in direction indicated by thumb of the same hand. Alternatively stand on the up running side of the kiln. Now with palms facing up an inward


Kiln Technology, INC. supplies rotary kiln and mill services for cement, minerals, chemicals, and paper industries. We started this company in 2018 backed by 165 years of our combined experience. Our specialties include kiln alignments and advisory services like kiln shell, base-frame repair, drivetrain, roller, and replacement.

Gears and meshing – Rotary kiln alignment

2017-1-20 · The correct alignment of whole drive system is the base of kiln maintenance. There are two different types of design of rotary kiln gear: Fixed gears – consist of two to six parts of gear fived to flange (welded directly to the kiln shell). This kind of components we can find a older kilns where the operation temperature is lower.

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The majority of problems associated with rotary kilns / vessels can be attributed to misalignment. As such, comprehensive hot kiln alignment significantly contributes towards rotary kilns'' / vessels'' ability to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their …


Hot kiln alignment - the main area of our actions shall be to conduct mechanical inspection and to specify activities (measurements, exchanges, repairs, modifications, etc.) which should be performed to attain and maintain high effectiveness of the rotary kiln''s operation.

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2021-9-25 · Cold and hot kiln alignment, inspection for tyre, roller diameter, shell deformation, ovality, kiln axis, girth gear root clearance, backlash, shell crank

Rotary Kiln Alignment Inspection

Rotary Kiln Alignment Inspection. The purpose of a kiln alignment inspection is to precisely determine the drums positioning in plan and elevation view and detail the corrections required to improve the performance and operation of the kiln. Misalignment in kilns can lead to excessive forces and wear on bearings, gearing, rollers, and riding ...

Hot kiln alignment services

2016-8-11 · Hot kiln alignment, kiln inspection and adjustment. Hot kiln alignment is the most specialized field in measurement and analyse of rotary kiln deformation. From the beginning of its existence, Geoservex of Poland is developing, …

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2019-9-17 · Rotary Kiln Services Australasia 0404458563 32 Vickers Street Edmonton 4869 Australia. Our general products and services include: - Supply and installation of new rotary vessels such as Kilns, Calciners, Dryers, Coolers, Roasters - Supply and installation of new Grinding Mills includi ...

Hot kiln alignment

2020-12-15 · Evolution Of Kiln Alignment Technology. Our engineers have experience of old kiln alignment technologies such as "Bore Sight Alignment" carried out extensively in 1900s for kiln erection and every evolving kiln alignment technology. We have not only known the old technology from inside out, but also engineered our own proprietary laser ...


2021-5-28 · Graduate Mechanical Engineer. Specialist in Rotary Kilns, Dryers and Similar Rotary Equipments. Hands on experience from the past 20+ years and worked on more than 300+ kilns in India and Overseas. Adept in Hot Kiln Alignment, erection, commissioning, preventive and breakdown maintenance of various rotary machineries.

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About Us. Located in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Allan Smith Engineering came into being in 2009. The company offers reliable services in the field of Kiln Alignment, Kiln Erection, FEA Analysis Services, Kiln Shell Analysis, Hot Kiln Alignment and Kiln Balancing. Mr.

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Kiln Industrial Services is a service provider in the field of Rotary Kiln & Dryers, Alignments Services, Mechanical Inspection, Girth Gear Alignment, Erection and Commissioning, Shell Replacement, Tyre Replacement services. This services are executed by our skilled professionals using high grade tools and advanced technology. Our company is incorporated in the year …

Kiln Inspection & Alignment

Kiln Inspection & Alignment. Rotary kiln alignment is well known preventive maintenance tool which is recommended after every two years of operation. The rotary kilns are affected by mechanical and technological stresses causing components wear and as consequence misalignment. Every kiln operator wishes to have high run-time factor and no ...

Thermal bending – Rotary kiln alignment

Thermal bending – Rotary kiln alignment. 0. Identification of mechanical problems and symptoms. Bez kategorii / 20 stycznia 2017. All rotary kilns have many rotation surfaces working together that has to be set with high geometrical precision. …

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2021-9-7 · Hot Kiln Alignment of the above kiln was carried out with the aid of Optico-Hechanical method, based on Patent authorised to Mr B. Krystowczyk (Ph.O.En9g) . • 1.0 SCOPE OF WORK The scope of work includes following: 1.1 Measurement of kiln axis in horizontal and vertical planes during the kiln operation.

Hot kiln alignment service package

2016-9-7 · Hot kiln alignment service package. GEOSERVEX''s rotary kiln services include troubleshooting and root cause analysis, comprehensive hot kiln alignment, in-situ grinding of tyres, support rollers and thrust rollers, installation, maintenance, repair work, technical guidance and support on all rotary kiln equipment suppliers.

Kiln Axis Alignment System

The Kiln Axis Alignment system is used to determine any axis deviation on a kiln or dryer or any other slowly rotating, large cylinder. The system can be used whether the equipment is in operation or shut down. The shell of a rotary kiln is exposed to elevated mechanical stresses which can cause misalignment.